Electrical FAQ's

Got a burning question about rewiring a house? We’ve covered some of our most frequently asked questions here; if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch with the Smillie Electrical Services team!

What is the average cost to rewire a house?

This is a difficult question for us to answer, as it will depend entirely on the size and complexity of your project. The best way to get an accurate idea of how much you’ll be charged is to contact our team for a quote. We will discuss the problem with you and provide an accurate estimate based on this. We can even visit your property to take a closer look if needed.

How do you rewire your house?

In layman’s terms, rewiring involves removing as much of the old wire as possible and installing modern alternatives.

One option for removing old wiring is to tear out walls, run new wires and seal it all behind new drywall. This is, however, expensive and time consuming. The other option is to fish wires through walls, which usually requires a small cut and patch. This is far more affordable and takes less time to complete.

How long does it take to rewire a house?

Generally speaking, it will take between 3 and 10 days to rewire the average home. An older home can take at least a week for the simple reason that they require a complete overhaul of the electrical system. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeframe at the same time as providing a quote.

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