Benefits of Rewiring a House

So, why should you have your home rewired? Many people wonder whether the costs are actually worth it, and we are here to tell you that it certainly is. You will actually receive a number of benefits from rewiring a house, including.


It is essential for the safety of your family and visitors to ensure that your home’s wiring is safe and up to date. Wiring that has deteriorated, become damaged (by rodents chewing through it, renovations and so on) or that has been improperly installed can pose a real hazard. Not only could it lead to a fire somewhere inside a wall, it could lead to electrocution when someone flicks on the light.

Separate Circuits

Another benefit of having your home rewired is that it enables you to establish separate circuits for some of your home’s more important elements (such as your hot water heater or alarm system). This will help to protect these elements from being affected when less important appliances trip their own circuits (which can be problematic during the day when no one is home).

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Rewiring also provides you with the opportunity to customise your living space to ensure that it’s as convenient as possible. Finally, you can have all of those important outlets where they will be most useful. Dimmer switches and motion sensor lighting are other fantastic fixtures that can be incorporated into your home’s new electrical system to make it more functional.

Service Capacity

Simply put, older homes were simply not made to handle the electrical demands of today’s technology. They didn’t have that many appliances and those they did have were of far less voltage than those in use today. By updating the system to accommodate the number of appliances you own and their voltage, you won’t have to worry about accidentally overloading the system.


If you think that you will sell your home sometime in the near future, having up to date wiring can help to ensure that you get the best price possible. Not only is this a question that some potential buyers will ask or that will come up during a building inspection, how awful would you feel if the new owners moved in only for something disastrous to occur with the wiring?

Equipment Protection

The occurrence of power fluctuations can actually damage expensive electronic equipment – particularly if they happen frequently – which you will then have to pay to have repaired or replaced. Imagine losing your computer, with all of its important documents and digital photos, due to a power fluctuation. Rewiring will help you to better protect this equipment from harm.

We have only scraped the surface when it comes to all of the benefits of rewiring a housecontact the team at Smillie Electrical Services for more information or to arrange a quote to have your home rewired.

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